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Gala Dinner

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Join us on the evening of Thursday 16th November 2017 for the Gala Dinner.

Remember the days when hearing aids simply were 10 series, 30 series or 50 series? Remember the joy of the BE18 where the microphone moved from the bottom to the top of the hearing aid? All an audiologist needed was a set of handy screwdrivers and you could tune anyone’s hearing aid, a Manchester rattle and you could test a baby’s hearing and a battery of complex tests would help diagnose a retro-cochlear lesion. Those days, audiologists, scientists and hearing therapists had their own associations and no one had heard of modernising scientific careers or IQIPS, and nobody seemed to mind. 

This year’s Gala dinner is going to take you back to the 80’s for an evening of music, food and fun. We are lucky enough this year to have music from The Guv’nors, featuring audiology’s very own Daniel Rowan, taking us on a tour of the best music of the decade. Whether you were a fan of new romantics, electro pop, rock or could not get enough of Stock, Aitkin and Waterman’s genius there will be something for you. Get competitive in our retro games arcade and sample the culinary delights of the decade. 

The Gala dinner will take place in the fantastic circular Purbeck room, ensuring no audiologist will be put in a corner…

Dress Code

Dig out your leg warmers, ra-ra skirts, and double denim. Embrace the big hair and glamour of the 1980’s and dress to impress.   It's tradition!

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